Laura Cook Kenna is a writer, speaker, independent scholar, and sometimes editor.Laura Kenna photo to AEI

Most recently Kenna taught as faculty for Writing and Cultural Criticism at the Trinity Forum Academy fellowship program in Royal Oak, Maryland and has been a regular guest lecturer on “Trends in Americana” as part of the Public Diplomacy track at the US Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute.

A Contributor to the “Women” and “Entertainment” sections at Christianity Today, Laura Kenna’s essays have also appeared in print in USAToday and The Washington Times and online at Rare and Patheos.  She also blogs about television and film at

Kenna has published a range of scholarly articles and book chapters drawn from research for her scholarly monograph, American Gangster.  The not-yet-published book tells the story of how popular gangster film, rap, TV and video games organized Americans’ ideas about censorship, Italian American ethnicity, and what counts as “artistic” pop culture for nearly a half a century.

Laura Cook Kenna holds a PhD in American Studies from the George Washington University where she also served as Visiting Assistant Professor teaching courses in the history of 20th century American culture,  film and television, cultural theory, and research writing. She was the winner of a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship from the US Department of Education, which funded four years of her doctoral work, and a residential, archival fellowship from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in addition to a handful of fellowships and grants from George Washington University.



Kenna lives in Washington, DC with her dashing husband, chatty daughter, and two big-eyed sons. They are, she estimates, just the right amount of eccentric. She spends her downtime on sci-fi, baking, and playing the drums.

You can read Laura Cook Kenna’s full Curriculum Vitae here.

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