RemotePossibilities featured reviews and ramblings about film and television, past and present.  It was born after my ten years in academia as a film and media scholar came to an end, but the usual chit-chat demand, “So tell me what you’ve been watching” kept on apace.

The RemotePossibilities blog was also a writing experiment. In my academic life, an article meant about 7000 words–sometimes more. Could I develop an idea anymore in just 1500 words? Even 700?  Writing this blog, I discovered the barriers I had to “writing short” and developed a “voice” for non-academic me. I wrote for the joy of it and re-created the site itself at least three times as part of my learning and practicing skills in WordPress.

When the opportunity arose to write film reviews for Christianity Today online–a site with 3 million uniques and 7 million impressions a month–my beloved corner of the blogosphere got neglected.

Some days I’m rueful that I let RemotePossibilities languish but I’m grateful for the space it gave me to evolve into a more broadly capable writer.

Click for RemotePossibilities to open in a new window.

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