Interested in what it looks like to collaborate with me? Here’s a sample taken from my experience walking an engineer and founder/CEO through the process of crafting an opinion piece.  We narrowed down what single message he most wanted to convey to his audience (other social sector professionals), translated data science jargon into regular ol’ English, and sprinkled the piece with richly detailed snapshots of the author’s life.

Our quest was making clear the connection between the savvy use of massive amounts of data and the work of seeking social good.

Our process included:

  1. Asking him to outline his professional journey: what were the key moments/roles when he realized something about himself or something about his profession?
  2. Talking by phone to ask him follow up questions about the outline and to get a sense of his “voice.”
  3. Sending him a proposed outline of an Op-Ed that I built using direct quotes from our telephone conversation, bullet points from his outline, and some suggestions on how he could build out various sections of the essay.
  4. Polishing his drafted Op-Ed with a final edit.

Below are his outline of his professional evolution, my outline of a proposed Op-Ed, and the finished product.